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Programmatic Digital Advertising

CanDu is connected with leading ad tech partners who have access to millions of data points to identify cannabis & CBD consumers and their digital “look alikes”.  

Similar to alcohol advertising, it is legal to target 21+ audiences using digital data.

Cannabis ads appear on mainstream websites, not endemic sites.


For CBD brands, our e-commerce campaigns are highly effective especially when combined with drive to retail tactics. CanDu has extensive experience with many DR brands such as Proactiv, LifeLock, Draft Kings and can help take your brand there!

Programmatic advertising is the foundation of a data-driven marketing strategy.

Reach new audiences on mainstream websites and

apps in a 100%  compliant way!

Target your audience and their "look-alikes" using  troves of cannabis & CBD  data!

Digital data provides audience profiling and can inform your entire marketing strategy.

Track in-store visits and online sales back to advertising!

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