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High Quality Menu Swaps for the Holidaze

Holiday Festivities kick off this week! To help with party prep, we've gathered a few cannabis infused recipe ideas to elevate the celebration!

Terpine Toffee: One of the key ingredients in Toffee is butter. Swap traditional butter with canna-butter to make this treat take flight.

Apple Cannabis Cider: Staying away from dairy this holiday? Add some THC-infused tincture to your favorite hot apple cider recipe for liquid elevation!

Canna Challah: Add a kick to your challah this year, by substituting cannabis-infused olive oil. You can also add Hemp Seeds to your herb topping.

Marijuana Monkey Bread: Guests are sure to go ape over monkey bread made with canna-butter. For extra elevation, add it to the dough mix AND the buttery caramel sauce topping! Bonus THC Tip: To decrease the "weedy" taste, infuse butter or oil with kief or Hash Oil vs. flower.

For our friends in states without legalized cannabis yet, here's what you have to look forward to! For those that can partake, how do YOU incorporate cannabis into your holidays?

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