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Tips to Boost Q4 Sales

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Depending on what market you're in, your cannabis business could be picking up or facing some growth challenges. How do you cut through the noise and increase revenue while stretching your ad dollars as far as they can go? Call CanDu.

We work with cannabis businesses all over the country, and know how to maneuver through each stage of growth. Our recommendations for boosting Q4 sales are:

Connected Campaigns:

Ensuring there is some digital aspect to all of your ad efforts not only provides performance metrics, but increases the likelihood of conversion

Know your Neighborhoods:

Every city is unique, and your approach should be too! Go for scale in populated areas and hyper-local targeting in rural areas

Clock the Competition:

Work with an agency (like CanDu) to estimate what the competition is doing in your market. If you can't beat them with budget, get creative in a space where you'll stand out!

Hone Your Audiences:

Working with a cannabis-specific agency will give you access to the audiences most likely to convert. Collecting data on visitors will allow you to optimize your audience & prospects over time.

Need help getting started? Find us online and - Let's Talk!

CanDu is the U.S.’s premiere performance-based media agency for multi-state operators, cannabis brands, and other canna-businesses. We combine traditional media & digital tactics to measure the impact of advertising. As the only cannabis agency with decades of TV experience, we’re ready to run when the FCC approves cannabis for on-air broadcasting. Are you? Message us here, or email


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