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1 in 3 New Jersey Adults Consume Cannabis

New Jersey's newly-legal canna market is on FIRE!

Since legalization about a year ago, nearly 1 in 3 NJ adults has used cannabis products, according to a Stockton University poll.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • 47% used cannabis purely recreationally, 14% medically, and 39% for both medical + recreation

  • 69% bought cannabis from a licensed dispensary

  • 86% were satisfied with their purchase

  • 43% were satisfied because they knew products were safe

  • 23% were satisfied with quality, while only 7% were satisfied with price

  • Among the 30% who bough unregulated products, 18% did so for financial reasons, but the majority was due to the lack of dispensaries nearby

  • 48% of respondents favored cannabis attractions like lounges, while 50% in South Jersey opposed them

  • 37% of NJ men and 28% of women consume cannabis

  • 38% of Democrats, 24% of Republicans and 32% of Independents consume cannabis

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