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Rhode Island House Approves Cannabis Advertising Bill

Relief is in sight for Rhode Island cannabis businesses!

The Rhode Island House unanimously approved a proposal for reworking the state's advertising laws around cannabis.

Until now, Rhode Island dispensaries have not been allowed to advertise on billboards, while companies in neighboring states are.

Rep. Scott Slater (D), who introduced both the canabis legalization and advertising bills, said state dispensaries were at a serious disadvantage for being restricted from advertising, while out-of-state dispensaries were permitted to run billboards.

Slater told the Boston Globe, " Now that Rhode Island's recreational cannabis industry is up and running, our dispensaries are facing a significant obstacle when competing with our neighbors in Massachusetts and Connecticut. This bill will correct this inequity while also supporting these new local businesses in Rhode Island by hopefully keeping Rhode Islanders from crossing the border to shop for their cannabis in neighboring states."

The measure allows the state Office of Cannabis Regulation to oversee policies requirements for advertising, and still requires approval from the state Senate and the governor.

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