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Colorado Votes on Psychedelics This November

This November, Colorado has psychedelics on the ballot!

Proposition 122, would make psychedelic mushrooms legal in Colorado and allow licensed “healing centers” to give clients mushrooms in a supervised setting, broadening access to what is considered a breakthrough treatment for anxiety and depression.

The measure provides the potential for facilities to expand to three plant-based psychedelics in 2026 - Ibogaine, from the root bark of an iboga tree; Mescaline, which is from cacti; and Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, a natural compound found in plants and animals.

The idea is to create natural medicine centers where people would consume mushrooms and plant-based psychedelics on site. The measure does not allow for retail mushroom sales, so it’s not modeled after Colorado’s marijuana industry.

If voters approve it, the measure initially would create regulated therapeutic access to psilocybin. The state would begin accepting applications from natural medicine facilitators by September 2024. Then by June 2026, the state Department of Regulatory Agencies could expand access to the three plant-based psychedelics.

A client would go through a screening to see whether they are healthy enough and suited to try the treatment, then they would book a series of appointments — a preparation session to discuss the intention of the psychedelic trip, a session to ingest the mushrooms with a facilitator, and then a post-trip session to unpack and process the experience.

We can't wait to see what happens!

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