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GTI to Sell Cannabis in Florida Circle K Gas Stations

Cannabis will be available in select Circle K locations in Florida starting in 2023. Green Thumb Industries signed a deal with Circle K, to sell licensed marijuana products at its Florida stores. The rollout will begin with 10 of Circle K's 600 locations in the state.

Until now, cannabis sales have been almost entirely contained within the walls of dispensaries throughout the U.S. This deal marks a significant step forward, as cannabis will be sold alongside other age-restricted items like alcohol and tobacco.

Green Thumb CEO Ben Kovler told Bloomberg that the deal will "continue to normalize marijuana by integrating it with regular consumer products. This is a futuristic deal."

Cannabis continues to gain mainstream support in the U.S., as President Biden recently pardoned all convictions for federal simple marijuana possession, and five states have cannabis legalization initiatives on the November ballot.

But where will this leave the existing cannabis businesses, who have been operating under the harshest legislation in the nation? Any way you look at it, our cannabis laws need a lot more work!

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