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Spotlight on Black Owned Cannabis Brands

Today in Black History Month, we're highlighting Black-owned cannabis brands!

Viola takes its name from founder Al Harrington's grandmother, who found relief from her glaucoma through cannabis. Viola’s mission is to increase minority participation and ownership in the cannabis industry while positively impacting and reinvesting into communities most affected by the war on drugs. Viola offers premium flower and pre-rolls, vegan-friendly gummies, artisan vapes, and frozen-flower concentrates in California, Colorado, Oregon, Michigan and Canada.

40 Tons is a California cannabis brand helping those serving prison sentences for non-violent cannabis offenses. Co-founders Anthony and Loriel Algrete started the brand to raise awareness and funds while their friend, Corvain Cooper, was still serving a life sentence for a non-violent cannabis charge. You can buy 40 Tons flower, vapes, gummies, and more at dispensaries throughout California. You can also show your support through apparel, like T-shirts, hats, and masks. A portion of profits helps support cannabis advocacy organizations, like the Last Prisoner Project.

If you're in Massachusetts, you can visit the first black-owned dispensary on the East Coast, Legal Greens. You'll find a selection of potent flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and concentrates at their Brockton location. Founder Vanessa Jean-Baptiste also wanted to help give back to the community. Legal Greens hosts workshops that help other black-owned cannabis businesses get off the ground.

De-carbing your weed can be a fine art that's tough to get right. Patented inventor Shanel Lindsay founded Ardent to bring lab-grade decarboxylators to the masses. You can use Ardent's mini decarboxylators to de-carb any flower like a pro. Once you've activated your flower, you can consume it immediately, with no smoke required, or use it to experiment with edible recipes. Ardent Cannabis sells the NOVA direct to consumers through the company’s website, as well as selling the devices on Amazon through a partner company and wholesale through distributors into vape shops, dispensaries, smoke shops, natural health and wellness stores, CBD retailers and specialty stores.

CanDu is the U.S.’s premiere performance-based media agency for multi-state operators, cannabis brands, and other canna-businesses. We combine traditional media & digital tactics to measure the impact of advertising. As the only cannabis agency with large scale national TV experience, we’re ready to run when the FCC approves cannabis for on-air broadcasting. Do you need help reaching canna consumers, and tracking ad performance? Message us here, or email


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