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Texas Votes YES on Cannabis

Election results continue to pour in as counts are finalized across the country.

While cannabis legalization measures had mixed results across the country, there were some big wins for weed in Texas!

After Austin decriminalized small amounts of cannabis possession in May, more cities put possession up for a vote!

San Marcos, home to Texas State University, has the highest level of support at 82% of votes. Killeen, close to Fort Hood, had nearly a 70% approval rate.

Elgin, just outside of Austin, saw almost 75% of votes in support.

Harker Heights, in Bell County, approved with more than 60% of votes.

Like Austin’s ordinance, the propositions establish city ordinances that end low-level enforcement, including citations and arrests for possessing less than 4oz of marijuana and related drug paraphernalia, in most cases. They also largely ban using city funds and staff to test substances for THC, the cannabis plant’s chemical that gets users high.

“These meaningful reforms will keep people out of jail and save scarce public resources for more important public safety needs,” said Mike Siegel, political director of Ground Game Texas and a former Democrat congressional candidate. “We’re extremely happy with our results.”

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